What We Do

At SRS, we offer a variety of services that mitigate risk through the life cycle of a sale. While our primary focus is medical supply companies, we service all business to business (B2B) verticals, including food distribution, industrial supply, electronics distribution, and more!

  • Credit documention consulting
  • First Party Representation
  • Third Party Agency
  • Promissory Notes
  • Bankruptcy Work

We are committed to continue to improve our processes and provide an environment that results in client satisfaction, productive employees, adheres to applicable laws, and reflects responsible collection practices.

Credit Documention Consulting
1st Party Representation

Calling with your name, we will work to collect and resolve issues with your current customers. During this period, information is returned to you such as disputes or issues that are vital to understand in order for you to make business corrections. As a collection agency, we are able to cut through the issues and collect money immediately on your behalf. Your receivable will be collected and cleaned up in an agreed time span and rate.

Third Party Agency

We will collect your delinquent AR on a contingency basis or a flat monthly fee. We are owned and managed by attorneys to represent you ethically and aggressively. We cut to the chase quickly in the event that legal guidance is needed and a matter may have to be sued, however, we are skilled collectors and our focus is to deliver cash to our clients immediately.

Promissory Notes

We make every effort to improve your position by obtaining a promissory note with a personal guarantee for additional security as needed.

Bankruptcy Work

We have a strong working knowledge of bankruptcy laws. We serve on unsecured creditors’ committees, file proofs of claim and monitor current customers for bankruptcy.